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The Snow Deck

The secret of the Ski World’s all climate snow lies in its rotating deck, which continuously passes through a cold room or Snow Chamber covering 40% of the slope, and which contains temperatures of minus 10°C to minus 15°C.

In this chamber, compressed air and water snow guns manufacture snow of an ideal texture for skiing, with a snow cover of 200mm.

The deck is housed in a large circular dome structure 240 metres in diameter and covering an area of 10 acres. This free standing insulated dome will provide ideal and comfortable ski conditions with ambient temperatures up to 10°C, with no degradation of snow quality.

In normal indoor skiing, the slope is only ever going to be as long as the building housing it. Not so with the Ski World. The moving snowfield will extend the slope way beyond the size of the structure.

The 175 metre diameter electro-magnetically supported ski deck is so inclined as to provide a slope descending from a height of 13 stories top to bottom. It rotates at speeds up to 25 kph providing an equivalent ski run of 650 metres.The snow deck is specially profiled to provide a slope of 20° maximum at the top, down to a run-off at the bottom, forcing the skier to the outside edge for the return to the top.

A seat is contoured into the deck wall, or the skier may simply remain standing while being taken by the moving deck back to the top. A unique feature of the deck is that permanent magnets ease the loading on the wheels providing a maglev-type transportation system.





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