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Advantages of Ski World Sydney

Ski World has no peer, in Australia or throughout the world and will be the new benchmark for excellence in ski resorts, both indoors and outdoors.

In one hour of skiing into the on-coming snow, the skier will have travelled at least 20 kilometres over the snow, making this, the world’s longest continuous downhill ski run.

Upon reaching the base of the ski run, the skier may simply ski to the outer edge of the ski slope, remain stationary, and be taken back to the top, without having to queue.

Ski World has a capacity of 1200 skiers at any one time, or 6.5 million ski hours per year. However, with the many surrounding attractions to boggle the mind and keep you busy, fit and active, the capacity of the ski slope is never expected to be an issue.

Ski World will be the world's largest dome structure.

Included in Ski World are three ski slopes with a combined capacity of 1200 people, a snowboard park with a capacity of 240 people, a snow play and tobogganing area, ice skating rink, as well as a free form lake, an aquatic centre and Antarctic adventure. There will be a luge and gondola rides, including a wide range of other winter and year-round sports, with supporting commercial and retail facilities, food and beverage outlets, hotel accommodation, crèche, retail shopping, gymnasium and medical centre, to name just a few features and facilities.

Whilst overseas indoor ski fields have been amazingly successful, they have limited capabilities in terms of operating hours and length of ski run.





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