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Ice Skating Rink & Stadium

An Olympic-size ice hockey rink and stadium capable of seating 3,000 spectators will dominate the area. The venue could also be used for a variety of activities including, concerts, hosting TV shows and other sporting events. It could be hosted, leased or funded by a local or state ice hockey club and the stadium may be used for the following events:

  • Ice hockey training
  • General ice skating additional to the canal
  • Ice skating lessons
  • Club tournaments
  • Celebrity ice skating performances
  • Convention stadium
  • Concerts

Flooring will be available to cover the ice for non-skating events.

The upper floors beneath the main seating stand will house an ice hockey administration office, club room and performer dressing rooms.

A feature of the stadium will be the Swiss-themed hotel front facing the stadium area. During tournaments or other events, those hotel rooms facing the stadium may be reserved for interested parties or spectators associated with a particular event; the open porches providing a grandstand view. The porches & rooms may also double as corporate boxes. Corporate boxes can also be incorporated in the stadium stands.





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