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Gondolas, Bobsleds & More


Ten four-man enclosed gondolas suspended from ceiling rails circumnavigate from the Gondola Base above the main entrance to the Ski Trac up around the Mountain Run. Then on to a second base at the top of the mountain from which occupants may alight for a walk along the top of the range overlooking both sides to the Mountain Chalet. Here in the Chalet one can sip on a coffee while taking in the ten story high view over the slopes.


A four-man bobsled ride on the Ski Trac will be an exhilarating experience. Commencing at an admission area underneath the snow deck, the bobsled will wind up through snow-covered shrubs in front of the circle restaurants to the top of the mountain from which it will coast down around the cold side of the range, up inside the mountain though a themed ice cave pushed by linear drive and then on back down at high speed to the starting point.

Snow Play

This feature will have great pulling power, with children urging their family to build a snow man or hire a toboggan for a ride on the 90 metre long toboggan slope. A kiosk, with large window-walls, will enable parents to watch their children within a warm area. It will also be an excellent child-care facility for the family child-minder overseeing the children. Clothing and hire facilities will be available, plus a retail area for the purchase of toboggans.

Alpine Chalet

At the lower level is a general coffee shop with views to both sides of the mountain. The upper level is an up-market restaurant for club VIP members.





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