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Aquatic Centre

This centre of 2,600m2 will be a swimmers paradise. Inclusions in this themed area could include a lap pool, old-time swimming hole (complete with rope swing), tropical beach, ‘Barrier Reef’ snorkelling, flume slides, ice pool etc. It could be established with an Olympic-sized pool, if necessary for training purposes.

The centre will be an attractive destination for immediate locals, the hotel guests, conventioneers, as well as to those seeking a full day’s outing at Ski World Sydney.

The aquatic centre is positioned for maximum ceiling height of up to 9 metres in places, with access from the main entry concourse and a second external access corridor.

A glass viewing wall along the passageway to Amsterdam Street, allows for visual promotion to the large number of visitors making their way to and from the ice skating area.

In addition to contributing to the Ski World’s role as a snow, ice and water destination, the aquatic area acts as a commercially important heat sink for the excess heat produced by the Dome’s massive refrigeration system. The result is a bonus in the form of cost-effective pool heating.

Alternate water purification systems will eliminate the chlorine odour usually associated with indoor swimming pools.





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