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The Ski Slopes

There is little chance of boredom in the Ski World, as there is a choice of six slopes - the main rotating deck, the training slope in the centre, the Hyper-slope through the cold room, the Mountain Run with its moguls and rough terrain, two mountain tracks, and the Snowboard Park, with its half-pipes, flat tops and crossovers.

Each morning the snow on the entire facility is topped up with a fresh layer from the continuous run-off, which is filtered and put through the snow guns inside the cold room.

The Ski World will never claim to equal the actual alpine experience, but it does profess to be the next best when no Alps are accessible.

It attempts to emulate every experience on the mountain within obvious limitations.

Nevertheless it does have major advantages - ideal snow, ideal weather, ideal temperature, perpetual blue skies, and it will be right on the doorstep!

It will be user friendly to both beginners and experienced skiers alike.

The Hyper-slope

Skiers are able to ski through the air curtains into the Snow Chamber, which is in fact an empty room. Here they are travelling with the rotating snow and adding their downhill speed to the speed of the moving deck. This will be an experienced skier zone. A rubber stretch rope within the chamber guides the skier to the upper area of the chamber exit to avoid confrontation with oncoming skiers outside the chamber who are also directed away from the Hyper Slope skiers.

The Mountain Run

250 metres from top to bottom, this is the slope with the moguls and rough snow. It is accessed by a ski tow from the training slope, up through an ice cave to the top of the mountain slope.

Skiers to this area will exit through a second ice cave at the lower end of the mountain range. This is a frigid area of the Ski World, and snow cover is supplemented by additional snow guns. This cold zone is separated from the warm side by a combination of the mountain range, and ski-blue panel inserts.





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